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3D Printing

Prices for 3D Printed Assets


Together with IRPD AG,

a joint venture of ETH Zürich and United Grinding,

we bring you the possibility of highly complex yet cost effective 3D-Prints of your virtual creations


- with 0,1 mm accuracy!

...Or recreate tools and parts that wont be fabricated anymore with another method involving metal alloys, useful for vintage fans, oldtimer enthusiasts -bikes and car alike... this would be a different pricing range for it uses high quality alloys but we happily make you an offer upon request.

The pricing estimate can be formulated as follows:

The model's maximum length in cm
max.width in cm
max height in cm
Your model's maximum Volume in cm3
10,5Rp (0.105 CHF)


The pricing here is always an estimate and can variate depending on the model provided. 


After every request and offer will be issued to you which you can accept or decline before the print is started.

Our 3D Print Project

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