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Architectural Visualization


Vision in VR


Architectural visualizations with VR, 360° Videos

& 3D Printing

VR, architectural, simple
360°video capture on site
"VReal Estate", VR tour simulator

Prices for virtual reality & shareable virtual tours

Password secured Model

on (compatible: pc, mobile, various VR-devices)
under AD account (displaying style – choosable)

: 50-200 CHF

Virtual Tour *Simplistic:


  • Guided virtual tour* (suited for planned and existing buildings)

    -PC -version/mobile version ;file :       800-1200 CHF
    -360° youtube video “unlisted”/ file :   800-2400 CHF
    -VR :                                                   1200-2800 CHF

  • 360° capture on location

    (with an omni camera rig; suited for existing buildings)

    Price heavily dependent on location
    & no. of shots/rooms :                       2800-10’000 CHF
    (excl. travel expenses)

several rooms, with voiceover
either provided by company or on request. + 200-1000 CHF




Site visit Simulator: Free movement in virtual building

Simplistic* option:

  • -PC -version/mobile version : 800-1600 CHF

  • -VR :                                      1600-3200 CHF



Populated & increased immersion** option:

No rebuild necessary


  • -PC -version :                       1600-3200 CHF

  • -VR :                                     1600-3200 CHF


Rebuild necessary or wanted

  • -PC -version :                       1600-3200 CHF

  • -VR :                                     1600-3200 CHF


  • basic textures,

  • No variation of weather,

  • no variation of daytime.

  • Unpopulated (objects in house,tv,couch etc)

  • basic landscape,

  • proper sun-orientation if provided.

  • Basic sound landscape befitting the real estate’s location.


**Populated & increased immersion:

  • Better textures (especially in the rebuild option)

  • Standard furnishing

  • Switch on/off light(s)

  • Day/Night cycle simulation


***Photorealistic & full immersion

  • Interior designed by our 3d specialist

  • Tunable climate (Spring, Summer, Fall Winter)

  • Detailed lighting to enhance realism

  • Background stereo sound composed by our sound specialist

The pricing here is always an estimate and can variate depending on the model provided. 


After every request and offer will be issued to you which you can accept or decline.

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