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Little Death Series

-360° video series by Aris Tyros

We all love TV series. But haven't you ever wished you could be closer to the action? To be a part of it?
In Little Death you ARE Grandma. You're in a coma. Stuck in limbo between life and death you have the ability to watch over the lives of your family. You can choose what order you want to watch these "episodes" unfold. Some are only seconds long, just a brief glimpse into their lives. While others are much longer. And through it all you are THERE, in the midst of the fights, passions, struggles and quests. You are an observer to your family's downfall. Can you get back to the living in time to save them?

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Stereoscopic Cinematic

Awe your audience with immersion

With the help of Unreal Engine and our awesome team we can render a really high definition 3D-360° Videos which can be used for making very immersive experiences. These stereoscopic videos can be shared on YouTube and is view-able in Card-boards and other VR platform.  

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