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Burning Bridges: A New Idea In Virtual Reality

Do you enjoy platformers? How about 3D? Now what about FPS? Well, look no further.

An upcoming game I recently did the music and audio for is exactly what you want. A 3D vertical platformer FPS is officially on the market as a work in progress (WIP). Better yet, it’s free. I’ve play tested this game on multiple different occasions, both during development and for builds made for the World VR Forum. With the Oculus Rift, it’s very fluid for a WIP, and early access free game. Honestly, I never even experienced any bugs while playing it, or more importantly, motion sickness. How It Works

The game itself, as I said earlier, is a 3D vertical platformer FPS. At first, it somewhat sounds similar to the typical “shoot ‘em up” game, but with different aspects to level design. However, the game doesn’t actually have much combat to it, yet. Right now, it’s more of a puzzle game- hence trying to figure out how to get to the “beacon” at the top of the level. Going up continuously seems tiring, but thankfully it’s in VR. It seems like a game that’s definitely not for people who have a fear of heights, but it honestly could be a good to get people into the game, for adrenaline purposes. Adrenaline junkies love that stuff- just don’t fall off the platform.

It also has the same type of level design as a “get to the finish” type of platformer, but there’s actually a story and lore to the game, and that makes it even more interesting. So all the lore craving fanatics out there can dive deep into this game, because there’s plenty of it, and some of it is even left up to the player’s interpretation. Better yet, there’s even a possibility for different outcomes to the game’s ending.

The Beauty

Cécile, the mastermind of all that goes on in Amstad, is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working under. You can see that clearly in the ways she designs the levels, which are absolutely gorgeous. Since you’re ascending in each level, there’s more to it than just going upwards in the game. She makes the the atmosphere look like you’re going into the heavens. I’m no level designer- or quite frankly, game designer- but I can appreciate a beautifully designed level any day.

Hearing Voices

Early on in the game, you hear a voice that sticks with you throughout the levels, somewhat like Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but hopefully less annoying. Without giving any spoilers, there’s a plot twist that causes you to somewhat second guess yourself later on throughout the game- and that being in a platformer is rather intriguing.

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