This App allows you to model your 3D objects on your smartphone like a pro!

The complex UI is not optimal for everyone therefore one of the future implementations will include a simplification of the UI and making the Export of files possible. Most useful Tools for starting:

-Controls on the LEFT side contain your Brush Tool under “Sculpt” -Underneath the Tool selection you will find check boxes for symmetry and negative: try them out! -The Shader is fun to use but can also be helpful with visibility in your process. you’ll find it under “Mesh” -The controls on the RIGHT side contain the undo and redo option under “History” -Fov controls the distance of your camera to your object under “Camera” -Export to Sketchfab on Demo account under “Go to Sketchfab”

-To TURN your model just lead the brush away from the object after sculpting and turn it slowly with 1 finger. -To POSITION your model lead the brush away from your model and slide in desired direction with 2 fingers.

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