The Tattoo Machine

The story began with an Aircraft engineer and a tattoo master named Wolfgang Thomas exploring new possibilities in late evening talks.

The engineer Johannes Schulting approached Amstad Digital with their Ideas of improving a Tattoo-artists work with new technologies.

Amstad Digital supplied initially solely Solidworks and believed in their budding project... their artistry, skill and motivation were convincing and apparent. 

The marriage between tradition and new technology was perfect when:

IRPD, our Partner in 3D-Printing, joined the project; going beyond the expected and helping us along in the prototyping phase.


The final result of our hard work you can now access in our shop here.

The story of the swiss made 3d-printed tattoo machine, made of spacecraft materials 

Johannes Schulting - the Engineer

Main powerhouse of the project and creator of the tattoo machine as we can offer it today. His commitment and passion have made data become matter - quite literally.

Wolfgang Thomas - the Tattoo Master

Providing us with priceless insights into his craft, his guidance has been irreplaceable. 


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